Microphones and Recording Project



For this project, my teacher set up several different microphones used for different audio recording and had me talk in front of each of them. This way, I could see which microphone is suited best for my voice. I also learned a little more about each microphone and did even more research on the microphone that sounded best with my voice.

Microphone Audition

Mic Info

The Mic that I felt fit my voice best in this audition was the C100S, although the C1 and the SM58 as well as some others sounded pretty good too.

Sensitivity – 6 Pa

Impedance – 200 ohms (low)

Voltage – 9-52 mV

Pick up pattern – can be switched from cardioid to hypercardoid and back

Self Noise level – 21.0 dB

Frequency response – between 5 and 9 kHz with the PB1000 Presence Boost Adapter

Clips – AKG SA 63

Pop filter – HPF at 80Hz


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What I Learned

I found this project really helpful. I’ve always had trouble picking correct mics for my voice and for recording sound and music. With this, I now know so much more about all kinds of microphones and how/why they work the way they do. Plus, knowing how my voice sounds in each of them instead of watching reviews online is a lot more helpful to know what types of microphones suit my voice and why. Now I know which microphones to get if I need to get a new one. While in the recording room, I also learned about how the mics record and the process mixers go through to make the sound right during the recording instead of having to edit the sound so much afterward.

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