The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Less is More

“You know what you’d have if you had two more hours? You’d have two more hours of overwhelming stickiness”


Being productive is something we all struggle with. Lots of times it’s for many reasons: too busy, no motivation, no inspiration, no creativity. However, the times we are least productive are when we have too many things to be productive with. When we have so much on our mind that we are not fully invested in our current task. That is what takes away the magic of the outcome of our productivity and just makes it another tick box in the checklist we imagine in our minds.

David Allen says “if you’re already in a creative mess, you have no room to make one”. To be fully invested in current projects is important to make them rich with concrete ideas. Stress comes from having too many things on your mind, and this leads to everything opposing productivity. You lose the ability to focus.

Fixing this is quite simple. Time management is not the (only) key, because you will always have the same amount of time you had before. You will always have the same deadline. Write down what you need to do to get it out of you’re head, that’s one of the most helpful things to do. Then you won’t be thinking about it while you should be focused on something else.

To finish the task – to ultimately be productive, you need to figure out the outcome before you figure out the steps. What are you trying to achieve? Then you build a bridge to it. Blindly looking for inspiration and for help to discover what you want is unhelpful and will only put more on your mind. Looking for a specific goal will narrow your road a lot more so you know which steps to take.

Finally, for the little things you have to do regularly, build a map. Look at all of them and make sure you have reminders and simple steps you can take each time so you don’t have to think about them again and again and always. Make sure that they’re something you can do easily when the time comes, and not something you have to check for and create a new process for each time.¬†With these simple steps we can begin to master the art of stress-free productivity.

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